New England Air Museum
P-51D Racer Restoration Diary
Monthly Updates by Restoration Crew Chief, Pete McConnell

The canopy plexiglass was restored to like new condition, inside and out, by a time consuming polishing process. The canopy inside metal surface was resurfaced with red paint (Anson Johnson 1949 color selection). The missing right canopy tractor was purchased. Both cooling radiators (Bell P-39 Airacobra design) were restored and stored for future installation. The oil cooler was cleaned, preserved, and stored as well.
The damaged ailerons (modified by Anson Johnson) were disassembled and are currently being rebuilt. Missing aileron hinges are being machined and some have been completed. Thanks again to NEAM member/volunteer Chuck Allessio, Whip City tool room Forman, who fabricated these hinges. One aileron trim tab was restored.