Sikorsky S-16 Biplane Replica

Sikorsky S-16 Biplane Replica at the New England Air Museum


Type:   Escort fighter
Crew:   1
Armament:   1 7.7mm machine gun
Length:   19' 4”
Height:   9' 1 1/2”
Wingspan:   26' 3”
Rotor Diameter:   
Empty Weight:   900 lbs.
Gross Weight:   1,490 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   
Maximum Speed:   75 mph
Service Ceiling:   11.500'
Powerplant:   Le Rhone Gnome rotary
Year:   1989, Original 1916
Serial No.:   
Location:   Military Hangar

The S-16 was a single-seat reconnaissance, escort and scout aircraft meant to support Ilya Mourometz bomber units in the Imperial Russian Air Service. It was the first Sikorsky fighter, and one of the first aircraft, with a machine gun synchronized to fire through the propeller without hitting the blades and was the first Russian fighter actually built in Russia. The 4-wheeled front landing gear was intended to deal with “soggy Russian fields” and the airplane could be equipped instead with a pair of skis for when those soggy fields became frozen during the harsh Russian winters.

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