North American F-86F 'Sabre'

This aircraft is currently in storage.


Length:   37' 6"
Height:   14'
Wingspan:   37'
Empty Weight:   10,500 lbs.
Gross Weight:   17,000 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   500 mph
Maximum Speed:   650 mph
Range:   ~1,000 mi.
Service Ceiling:   48,000'
Powerplant:   General Electric J-47-GE-27 Turbojet
Year:   1952
Serial No.:   51-13371
Location:   Storage Hangar

Courtesy of the National Museum of the United States Air Force

The North American F-86 Sabre was designed in the 1940's as a subsonic fighter aircraft. The Sabre entered service with the United States Air Force in 1949. The F-86 saw action and became the primary U.S. air combat fighter in the Korean War. Various models were produced in day fighter, fighter-bomber, and all-weather interceptor configurations with a variety of armaments. U.S. production of the Sabre ended in December, 1956.

This aircraft is painted in the marking of the one flown by fighter-ace Major Frederick "Boots" Blesse who was credited with 10 kills in the Korean War.

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