North American AGM-28 'Hound Dog' Missle

This missle is currently in storage.


Length:   42' 6" (overall)
Height:   9' 4"
Wingspan:   12' 2"
Gross Weight:   ~10,000 lbs. at launch
Cruise Speed:   1,200 mph
Range:   785 mi.
Service Ceiling:   56,200'
Powerplant:   Pratt & Whitney J52 Turbojet
Year:   1960
Location:   Storage Hangar

Courtesy of the National Museum of the United States Air Force

The 'Hound Dog' was an air-launched supersonic nuclear missile designed to destroy heavily defended ground targets. Specially modified B-52 bombers carried two AGM-28s, one beneath each wing. No AGM-28s were ever used in combat, but typically a 'Hound Dog' would be launched at 45,000 feet, climb to over 56,000 feet, cruise to the target area, and then dive to the target. The missile's range of more than 600 miles allowed long-distance "stand-off" launching, which reduced the risk to the B-52.

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