Monnett Monorai 'S'

Monnett Monorai 'S' at the New England Air Museum


Length:   19' 7"
Height:   4' 4"
Wingspan:   39'
Empty Weight:   293 lbs.
Gross Weight:   450 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   55 mph
Maximum Speed:   120 mph
Year:   1983
Serial No.:   22
Registration:   N32WS
Location:   Civil Hangar

Gift of Dr. Walter C. Schiller

The Monorai "S" is a good example of today's smaller high performance sailplanes. This kit-built glider has a wingspan of 39 feet, is 19 ft. 7 in. long and weighs only 293 pounds. Designed by the John T. Monnet Corp., its V-tail and smooth composite construction all contribute to its good soaring capabilities.

Monnett also produced a powered version of the craft, the "P" model, with an engine mounted on a pylon above the fuselage immediately behind the cockpit. The "S" and "P" models are structurally identical.

This plane was built by its donor, Dr. Walter C. Shiller of West Hartford, CT. Of note, it is fitted with optional three foot wing extensions which increases the glide ratio from 28:1 to 30:1.

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