Chalais-Meudon CM-5 Airship Engine Nacelle

This engine nacelle is currently in storage.

Specifications (Airship)

Length:   262' 6"
Diameter:   45'
Powerplant:   2 X 230hp Salmson
Year:   1918
Location:   Storage Hangar

Gift of the Goodyear Aerospace Corporation

This engine nacelle is the oldest major European lighter-than-air artifact in the United States. It was part of the CM-5, a French World War I non-rigid airship. The airship was sold to the U.S. Navy for European coastal patrol. It came to this country following the war, whereupon Goodyear acquired it, briefly considering the airship for an Akron-to-Detroit air service. Of particular interest, is the mechanic's work space behind the Salmson Z 9-cylinder radial engine.

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