Bensen B8M

This aircraft is currently in storage.


Length:   11' 4"
Height:   6' 3"
Rotor Diameter:   21' 6"
Empty Weight:   247 lbs.
Gross Weight:   500 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   65 mph
Maximum Speed:   95 mph
Range:   84 mi.
Service Ceiling:   ~15,000'
Powerplant:   McCulloch 4318E
Year:   1987
Serial No.:   JC-1
Registration:   N3112
Location:   Storage Hangar

In the 1960s Igor Bensen developed the Gyro Glider, which could be towed by car or boat. From this concept, he then built the B-8M Autogyro. In still air it can take off in 300 feet and land in 20 feet or less. Although several were evaluated by the military, the primary market for this aircraft was the do-it-yourself builder who wanted an easy-to-build, inexpensive, fun-to-fly machine. Much simpler to fly than a helicopter, the Autogyro differs primarily in that its and push-propeller aircraft using a wind-powered propeller for lift; it requires forward speed to fly and cannot hover.

This example was built by John Champa of Oakdale, CT from plans produced by Bensen. He flew it for some 600 hours.

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