Bell OH-13E 'Sioux' (47-D1)

This helicopter is currently in storage.


Length:   31' 7"
Height:   9' 6"
Rotor Diameter:   37' 3"
Empty Weight:   1,745 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   85 mph
Maximum Speed:   105 mph
Range:   245 mi.
Service Ceiling:   ~16,000'
Powerplant:   Franklin O-335-5
Year:   1948
Serial No.:   53
Location:   Storage Hangar

The Bell OH-13 is one of the most iconic helicopter designs in aviation with its bubble "goldfish bowl" plexiglass canopy and open frame. The design is so iconic that there is one in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. It first entered service in 1948 and gained fame during the Korean Conflict where is was used for light observation, reconnaissance and Medivac (medical evacuation). It was made popular by the TV show "M*A*S*H" and earlier by "Whirlybirds."

The Bell 47, on which the military version is based, was the first helicopter certified for civil use. From 1946 to 1974, more than 5,600 aircraft were produced for military and civilian use, including those produced under license by Agusta in Italy, Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan, and Westland Aircraft in the United Kingdom.

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