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Paul Davis


Paul Davis, December, 1944


Recent Address:

1376 Sydney Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94087



Family Information:

Parents: Ray and Elizabeth; Wife: Irmagene; Children: Richard, Michael, Clifford, Gerald; Siblings: Doris, Margaret


Saline, MI

Date Entered Service:

January 30, 1943

Service Number:

364244321, 02078945

Bomb Group:




Location of Unit:

South Field, Tinian (May, 1945)

Missions Flown:


Hump Missions Flown:



Omuta, Toyohashi, Kagamigahara, Okayama, Kure, Chiba, Sendai, Fukui, Osaka, Tsu, Hachiogi, Imabari, Yawata, Hikari, Hakodate (POW supply mission)


Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster,Distinguished Unit Citation III,Western Pacific Campaign

Service Schools Attended:

59th College Training Detachment, Raleigh, NC Aug 1943-Jan 1944; Pre-flight School, Maxwell Field, AL Feb-May 1944; Air Cadet Navigation School, San Marcos, TX May-Dec 1944

Military Specialty(ies):

MOS 1034-Aerial Observer (Navigator)

Rank Upon Discharge:

1st Lt.

Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:


Were you a POW?


Were you interned?


Date Transferred from the 58th:

September 27, 1945

Date Discharged from the 58th:

December 27, 1945

Post-WWII Military Service:


Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):

Paul attended the University of Michigan and earned a BS in Chemistry. Then worked with Tin Research Institute, Inc. for 38 years as a consultant on the use of tin. He was one of the co-founders of the American Pewter Guild. Was an avid genealogist in retirement.


Mr. Davis passed away March 17, 2001.


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