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John P. Tobison


John P. Tobison, Tinian, 1945


Recent Address:   830 N. Atlantic Ave., B-1004, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
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Family Information:   Parents: R.P. and Maude; Wife: Margaret; Children: Steven, Mary, Calvin, Christine; Siblings: Roberta, Norman
Hometown:   Fall River, WI
Date Entered Service:   November 2, 1942
Service Number:   0826033/ 16152854
Bomb Group:   468th Bomb Group/ 9th BG after the war
Squadron:   793rd Bomb Squadron
Location of Unit:   Tinian; Jun 1944
Missions Flown:   6 including POW flight and Power Display over Tokyo
Hump Missions Flown:    
Targets:   Takarazuka
Awards/Decorations:   Air Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge
Service Schools Attended:   Aviation Cadet Jan 1943-Mar 1944
Military Specialty(ies):   MOS 1093-Pilot B-29 VHB
Rank Upon Discharge:   1st Lt.
Crew Type:   Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name:   44-70070 The 8 Ball (after assignment to 9th BG)
Were you a POW?   No
Were you interned?   No
Date Transferred from the 58th:   October, 1945
Date Discharged from the 58th:   August 20, 1946
Post-WWII Military Service:

I was recalled to active duty on Sept. 3, 1951, for 19 months and released Feb. 28, 1953. I served the entire time at Randolph Field first being trained as a B-29 Aircraft Commander for Korean conflict. I was a ground school instructor for 12 months.

On May 14th 1946, Lt. Robison set a world record by carrying a 5,000 kilogram (5.5 tons) payload to an altitude of 13,793 meters (45,252 feet).

Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
I taught country school one year 1946-47 then attended college from 1947 until July 1951 receiving a BS and MS degree. I was a farmer in Wisconsin from 1953 until retiring in 1984.
Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:
I was assigned to the 58th Bomb Wing in June 1945 until October 1945. I flew 6 missions over Japan landing twice on Iwo Jima. My first mission over the Takarazuka aircraft plant on July 24, 1945, resulted in 3 men injured, #3 & #4 engines feathered, 44 holes in airplane and landing at Iwo Jima with a totaled aircraft. The 58th Bomb Wing was a strong unit with the 468th BG a leader. Col. James Edmundson as C.O. and Major James Pattillo as Operations Officer gave great leadership.

I was assigned to the 9th BG in October 1945 and moved to Clark Field, Philippine Islands, when Tinian was closed.

Mr. Tobison passed away December 14, 2006 and is buried at Hillside Cemetery, Columbus, WI


Crew of the "Flying 8 Ball"
John Tobison, 1997


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