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Wright Aeronautical T-3A Tornado


Wright T-3A Tornado

In 1921, The U.S. Navy contracted with Wright Aeronautical for a 500 hp liquid-cooled engine to replace the Liberty engines for all heavy Navy aircraft. This began the Tornado line of V-12 piston engines. The T-3 was the third in the series and appeared in 1923. It produced 575 hp with 1,947 cubic inches of displacement and weighed 1,000 lbs.

The Tornado engine program was cancelled at the end of 1923 with the final development, the T-4, when the Navy's interest shifted towards air-cooled engines.

This engine is located in the Civilian Hangar on the wall near the Laird 'Solution.'

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Type: 12-cylinder, liquid-cooled, "V" piston engine
Displacement: 1,947 cu. in.
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Power Output: 575 hp
NEAM Id:: 26


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