New England Air Museum
P-51D Racer Restoration Diary
Monthly Updates by Restoration Crew Chief, Pete McConnell

The missing elevator center hinge and rudder lower hinge are being fabricated. In that our restored plane will be for static display only, re-engineered (non-airworthy design) hinges are being machined.
Missing engine cooling radiator and oil cooler air inlet guides are being fabricated for the right wing. The guides will direct airflow to the other half of the P39 radiator and the adjacent oil cooler (Anson Johnson's design). The right wing contains both the engine-cooling radiator and the oil cooler. The left wing has the engine-cooling radiator only. The photos below show the modifications Anson Johnson made to the wings main spar. Diagonal bracing replaces the removed spar material. Also shown is part of the cooling inlet opening.
The landing gear lock/release hydraulic system components for the right wing were test fit. Missing parts will be fabricated or purchased.
Some of the right wing sheet metal panels are being repaired/refinished and will be installed when the wing is mounted on the rotating repair stands. The axle mechanisms for the vertical wing repair stands were mounted on the right wing. When the wing is braced adequately it will be mounted on these stands.
Moving back to the left wing. The damaged wing tip is being restored and fit in place. The last station rib is being fabricated.