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John Roger Prior
John Prior, WWII
John Prior, WWII
Recent Address:   551 Oakland, Birmingham, MI 48009
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Family Information:   Parents: Marie and Granville; Wife: Frances; Children: Linda, Stephen, Greg, Dan; Siblings: Jane, Stanton, Paul
Hometown:   Columbus, OH
Date Entered Service:   1943?
Service Number:   02079097
Bomb Group:   462nd Bomb Group
Squadron:   770th Bomb Squadron
Location of Unit:   Tinian; May 1945
Missions Flown:   5 combat, 2 show of strength
Hump Missions Flown:    
Targets:   Hachiogi,Okayama, Saga, Fukuyama, Hikari Arsenal (last mission of war), Show of Strength over Tokyo, and during signing of surrender
Service Schools Attended:   AAF NavigationSchool-San Marcos, TX 1944; Alamogordo, NM Air Base 1945
Military Specialty(ies):   MOS 1034-Navigator
Rank Upon Discharge:   1st Lt.
Crew Type:   Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name:   Ole Tex
Were you a POW?   No
Were you interned?   No
Date Transferred from the 58th:   End of War
Date Discharged from the 58th:   Oct 13, 1946
Post-WWII Military Service:
Went from West Field, Tinian to North Field, Tinian with 313th. Eventually went to Clark Field in the Philippines.
Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University and worked 30 years for General Motors.
Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:
I hope Dad is OK with what I write here. He was proud to have served and felt a close bond with his crew. He always liked the look and sound of the B-29. He was sorry the whole war had to happen. "War is always the devil's delight" was something he said more than once. The civilian victims of the war bothered him. He was a proud American and B-29 veteran but wished wars had ended with WWII, as unfortunately they have not.
Enjoyed 17 years of active retirement before dying suddenly and unexpectedly on August 13, 1999. He had made plans to return to Tinian on Aug. 12, 1999.


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