New England Air Museum
P-51D Racer Restoration Diary
Monthly Updates by Restoration Crew Chief, Pete McConnell

Both left and right wing plumbing continues. Shown are the left wing landing gear hydraulics, the left wing radiator lines and the right wing landing gear control cylinder plumbing.
The new inboard aileron hinge is test fitted on left wings aileron.
The right wing's interior - fuel cell & wheel well areas - have been refinished.
Work continues on the control stick assembly: The fabrication of the inner control rod for the stick assembly has been completed. Machining the front and rear mounts are underway.
The right wing "Anson Johnson glycol and oil cooler plumbing" installation has been started. The inlet guides need to be completed and installed before the final plumbing goes in.
The missing right wing cooling inlet lower air path formers (Anson Johnson design) have been fabricated and the newly fabricated map case has been installed.