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Younger Visitor Actvities

The Museum is increasingly interested in providing activities and programs for children as young as three years old. Here is what is currently available.

Grumman E-1B Tracer Cockpit

Children ages three & up can sit in an exact replica of a U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft.  This is a great opportunity to play pilot, often for the first-time.  There are two seats, so mom or dad can join in the fun.

Pedal Planes

These pedal planes are replicas of the kind of aircraft built and flown by the Wright Brothers.  As long as a child can walk under the height bar (53”) she/he can pedal their airplane inside the specially built enclosure.

Coloring Table

We have plenty of colored pencils available for children ages 3 & up to color in up to six caricature drawings of airplanes and helicopters.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their artwork home with them.


This is an interactive exhibit dedicated to providing children ages 5 & up with a fun and educational introduction to the science and technology of aerospace.  The 12 stations use touch screen technology to teach about airline operations, air traffic control, how an airplane flies, cargo operations and avionics.

These game programs were developed by Catavia Kids and can be used by both English and Spanish speakers.

Imagination Dress Up Area

Let your child’s creativity soar at the Imagination Center! Dress-up as a Commercial Pilot, Astronaut or Fight Pilot while engaging in our KidsPort area.

I-Spy Scavenger Hunt

Designed for children ages 4-7, parents can request a copy when they arrive at the Museum.  This is a fun way to help children discover the different kinds of aircraft – gliders, helicopters, etc. that are on exhibit at the Museum.

Ercoupe Full-Motion Simulator

Constructed from a real airplane that has been modified, the Ercoupe is a full-motion flight simulator with elevators, ailerons and rudder controls.  Young pilots learn how to control an airplane in flight.  Children ages 7 & up can fly solo, younger children must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

NOTE: the Ercoupe is available on SUNDAYS only from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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