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Western Electric Nike Ajax Missle


Nike Ajax Missle

The Nike Ajax, SAM-A-7, was the world's first operational surface-to-air guided missile system. Its origins lay in the immediate post-war time, when the U.S. Army realized that guided missiles were the only way to provide air-defense against future fast high-flying bombers and were designed to replace anti-aircraft artillery.

They were deployed in 100 sites around 19 cities and vital defense areas. There were several sites in Connecticut closest being East Windsor, Manchester and Avon/Simsbury.

Western Electric became prime contractor for the Nike missile system, and Douglas as primary subcontractor was responsible for the missile airframe. The Nike Ajax was superceded by the Nike Hercules and Nike Zeus missiles.

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Length: 21'; 34' overall with booster
Diameter: 12"
Wingspan: 4' 6"
Weight: 1,000 lbs,; 2,460 lbs. with booster
Maximum Speed: Mach 2
Range: 25-30 miles
Service Ceiling: 65,000'
Powerplant: Aerojet-General
Year: 1953
Location: Military Hangar


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