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Sikorsky S-16 Biplane Replica

Sikorsky S-16

Courtesy Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives

The S-16 was the first Sikorsky fighter with a machine gun synchronized to fire through the propeller without hitting the blades and was the first Russian fighter actually built in Russia. The 4-wheeled front landing gear was intended to deal with "soggy Russian fields" and the airplane could be equipped instead with a pair of skis for when those soggy fields became frozen during the harsh Russian winters.

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Length: 19' 4"
Wing Span: 26' 3"
Height: 9' 1 1/2"
Empty Weight: 900 lbs.
Gross Weight: 1,490 lbs.
Speed: 75 mph
Service Ceiling: 11,500'
Powerplant: Le Rhone Gnome
Year: 1989
Location: Military Hangar


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