New England Air Museum
P-51D Racer Restoration Diary
Monthly Updates by Restoration Crew Chief, Pete McConnell

The axle mechanisms for the vertical rotating wing repair stands were mounted on the right wing. When the wing is braced adequately it will be mounted on these stands.
Moving back to the left wing. Landing gear hydraulic valves and other actuating components are being installed. The maze of hydraulic plumbing for Landing gear operation continues to grow. The "Anson Johnson" puzzle of Glycol cooling plumbing in the left wing was installed.
Missing components for the control stick aileron torque assembly are being fabricated. They have been re-engineered as non-airworthy parts for our static display only aircraft. The throttle assembly guide and throttle stop were missing and have been fabricated as shown.
The empennage is being 'test fit' assembled with the horizontal stabilizer being installed first. The newly fabricated 'elevator center hinge' was mounted on the horizontal stabilizer rear section. This mechanism provides support to the elevator control cable assembly and provides a common tie point for both elevators. Both elevators were mounted and control lines attached. Next the vertical stabilizer was installed. The newly fabricated rudder lower hinge was installed. If all systems functions properly the empennage will be disassembled for final paint.