New England Air Museum
P-51D Racer Restoration Diary
Monthly Updates by Restoration Crew Chief, Pete McConnell

The left wing nears completion. Anson Johnson's cooling exhaust ductwork has been restored and one half of the P-39 radiator has been installed. Anson replaced the original P-51 radiator with one from a Bell P-39. He then divided the P-39 radiator into two halves and installed each half in each wing. He re-located the oil cooler into the right wing along side one of the engine cooling radiators.
Most of the left wing's sheet metal skin has been repaired or replaced. This week the left wing will be stored on the horizontal wing support stands for wheel well restoration, landing gear hydraulic control installation and paint.
The right wing is being prepared tor mounting on the rotating wing repair stands. Documentation of the right wing damage was started. Anson Johnson's cooling inlet ductwork and oil plumbing modifications were photographed and will be removed shortly for restoration.
The right wing's restored landing gear support trunnion was installed for stability before mounting the wing on the rotating wing repair stands. Newly fabricated station 75 doublers were assembled and test fit to station 75. These will provide additional stability when the wing is mounted on the rotating wing repair stands.
Work continues on the Anson Johnson modified ailerons. New aileron main spars were fabricated and will soon be incorporated into the finished product. Trim tab hinges were fabricated to replace those missing or damaged. The ailerons were shortened to accommodate the clipped wings.
The missing pilot's map and data case is being fabricated from NAA P51 mustang drawings.