New England Air Museum
Chrysler XIV-2220-1


Photos by William Maloney

The XIV-2220 is an experimental sixteen cylinder liquid-cooled, inverted V engine, separated into two V-8 sections so a propeller reduction gear could be located in between them. Because of its relatively high power-to-weight ratio, 2500 hp and 2430 lbs., it was intended primarily for World War II fighter aircraft. It retained the "X" designation the entire time as only as few as six examples were built.

It powered the experimental XP-47H to a speed of over 490 mph. It was not put into production because a decision was made to put efforts into much needed engines already at production status and World War II was coming to an end.

It is historically significant as it was Chrysler's first use of the hemispherical cylinder head, or "hemi."

This engine is located in the Military Hangar on the wall near the nose of the Republic P-47D. display.

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Type: 16-cylinder, turbosupercharged, liquid-cooled, 60 deg. inverted "V" piston engine
Displacement: 2,220 cu. in.
Dry Weight: 2,440 lbs.
Valvetrain: Single overhead camshatf w/two valves per cylinder
Power Output: 2,500 hp at 3,400 rpm (takeoff)
NEAM Id: 1


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